Башня с часами в Измире

Rest Safety In Tour Reviews

Rosaviation lifted restrictions on flights to Turkey. Resumed early in July, after more than half a year ' s recess and almost immediately interrupted by the military coup attempt, tourism is returning to the country. Tour operators have indicated their willingness to start sending tourists to the country, and analysts weigh the financial side of the case and the degree of security.

OCHA cancelled

" Understanding airline and airport managers. With regard to the guarantees for increased security of the Turkish-provided aircraft, all previously imposed restrictions on regular flights between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey, including the transport of Russian citizens from the Russian Federation to the Republic of Turkey and transit passengers through the Republic of Turkey airports, have been lifted from 1,0000 TPNs. Only regular flights are permitted. OCHA has been cancelled. " - In other words, restrictions on the registration and landing of passengers from Russia to Turkey with Russian citizenship have been lifted, and the website of the Association of Tour Operators of the Russian Federation, where the message has been published.

Rosaviation imposed restrictions on flights to Turkey following the attempted military coup in the country. Airlines were allowed to remove Russians from Turkey but not to import citizens with Russian passports into the country. The ban concerned both direct and transit passengers. At the same time, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not issued a restrictive recommendation to visit Turkey. This was the decision of the authorities, which was technically carried out in such a way that the Russians refused to register for the flight.

Now in Mintrans, it has been reported that regular flights have been resumed from today, 22 July. Russia has received assurances from Turkey regarding the security measures taken at airports in the country and has stated at the agency.

" The movement of Russian citizens from the Russian Federation ' s points to the points of the Republic of Turkey has been resumed since 22 July... "Aeroflot" opens airline tickets to Istanbul and Antalya through all channels, and has notified the air carrier. The company noted that the flights were conducted in accordance with the existing summer schedule.

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