База отдыха Севастополь

Sevastopol Reciprocation Base

Sevastopol's tourbase from 16 to 28 September. We, almost the north, loved it. Number 323 went straight to the bay. It's very clean, the number's been cleaned up regularly, and there's everything in the room. The weather was super, burned better than in Cyprus (from 10 June, frozen even) Special thanks to the staff, girls are good. Whoever said anything in the cafeteria was remembered, starved never been, especially hungry in additives. The area is good, big. Of course there's a lot of effort to do. It's hard to judge, but in the fourth century, we're not gonna get clean. I think we can do this. Flush clean, no claim. But the water stores can put beer. Smoking on the beach is not CURIL! We'll come again. I wish they were good. We'll take more days. Sevastopol didn't look all over, the east coast wasn't all over. Must be crazy, but it's great. Yeah, they came in the car, the parking lot is good, protected.

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