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Recreation Tours With Children

If you're starting to think about resting with the kids, the first thing you've got is the Turkish hotels. It's simple: the whole system allows us not to think about eating all family members, not making a visa in advance, traveling short, and the soft climate and fresh air fit all.

The surveys of hotels for children in Turkey have decided to start with the most popular resort, Kemera. Here, it seems to us that the largest concentration of hotels on the coast, and the proposals are all kinds of, like, a little louder, somewhere quieter. The best children ' s hotels in Kemera were selected on several criteria: a large mini-club (preferably separated by age and infrastructure), additional entertainment (moon-park or aqua park), quality food with special children ' s dishes, nice clean territory and good staff.

This hotel has been known for years as just Kemer Resort 5* and has consistently received awards as one of the best hotels for Child Rest in Turkey (although you don't see anything unusual at first sight).

Barut Kemer's medium-sized area, but it's located directly in Kemere itself, so there should be no problem with the stroll. The main advantages of resting with children are details: all roads are equipped with wheelchairs, and all necessary for the child, ranging from prams to peas. In a restaurant, besides having a dietary menu, there's a children's desk and a blender for self-preparation. The hotel was lucky to enter the water, the galka is small enough compared to the rest of the coast. Older children will also be interested in the mini-club: there has been no negative feedback from us in Lookinhotels.

Adults are being warned right now, the service is sometimes rumbling, and some of you might be upset. Compensating this small flaw is the most beautiful area among the resort hotels, as well as the excellent conditions for child recreation.

First of all, draw attention to the mini-club (02.27 minutes of video): it's a whole mini-city divided by age and interest. Over the past few years, animators' team has failed to miss: it's constantly hosting a variety of training craftsmen, so that your suitcase will be filled with different deals by the end of the rest. There's also a children's restaurant and a mini-zoo. The entry into the sea is comforting, but the availability of special shoes will not prevent.

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